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Testing Opportunities 
Homeschooler EOG Testing, Score Report, Consultation - $80    
     Woodcock - Johnson ® III NU Standard Battery, Nationally Standardized 
     The standard battery meets the NC testing requirement for homeschooled children. 
  • Standard test includes the following areas:
    • Reading: Word Identification, Reading Fluency, Comprehension
    • Mathematics: Calculation/Computation, Mathematical Fluency, Mathematical Reasoning & Application
    • Grammar: Punctuation, capitalization, editing
    • Written Language: Spelling, Writing Fluency, Written Expression
    • OptionalAcademic Knowledge: Survey of Science, Social Studies, and Humanities (add $15 for this 3-part test)

You will receive a seven-page score report and a thorough explanation of the scores immediately following your child's testing session.  If you would like educational or curriculum recommendations, you may add a consultation to your appointment for $20 for 20 minutes or $30 for 30 minutes.

Woodcock - Johnson Basic  - $65 with consultation / $50 with no consultation

This test will assess all skill areas required by the state, however, it will not give the depth of insight that the Standard  WJ Test does.

Cognitive Abilities Testing - $125

IQ testing gives insight into a child's learning abilities, or aptitude. A general intelligence score (IQ) is derived as well as scores from seven main cognitive functions. By coupling the achievement test with the IQ test, indications of learning discrepancies (disabilities) or giftedness can be seen. A detailed report is included and discussed with the parent.  

This test, as well as the WJ III Achievement test, can be used to qualify a child for the  Duke TIP program

Achievement & Cognitive Abilities Combined -  $185 / with 1-hour consultation -  $235

This combination of testing will show up learning issues of processing, memory, attention, while detecting signs of dyslexia  (reading), dyscalculia  (math), or dysgraphia  (handwriting). 

Diagnostic Reading Assessment - $125

This test will diagnose strengths and weaknesses in the 9 key areas of reading and language. Reading problems will be assessed and identified. A score report is included and explained to the parent.  A one hour consultation follows this assessment so specific reading strategies can be recommended and explained.

Deluxe Testing Package - $265
  • Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Achievement – Standard Battery
  • Cognitive Abilities (IQ) Test - Standard Battery
  • Learning Styles Assessment
  • One hour consultation 
  • Educational Recommendations - methods & curriculum suggestions

Complete Battery of Woodcock Johnson Tests

Complete Achievement Test (21 tests) - $350
Complete Cognitive Test (21 tests) - $350
Combined Complete Achievement and Cognitive - $600   Sample Report (all 42 subtests)

Career Interest Testing ~ taken online, results emailed within 24 hours

We offer the leading career assessment in the nation. The test is taken online and results are delivered to your inbox. We strive to have your scores to you within 24 hours of receiving your order form and payment. Click here to see a sample of a career interest  report.  

Click here to take your Career Interest Test - College Profile. 

Click here to take your Career Interest Test - High School Profile.

After your test is taken and payment is received, your report will be emailed to you.

Learning Styles

Learning  Styles Assessment

We offer a learning style assessment that will help to assess whether your child is an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner. In addition, it will assess the strength of each learning modality so you will know what the child's primary learning style is, his secondary style, and the third, or least preferred style of learning. If you teach to a child's primary and secondary styles, especially when presenting new concepts, they are more likely to meet with success and enjoy the learning process. $30

Learning  Style Consultation

This consultation includes in depth information about teaching strategies to use with your child's learning style and/or a review of various curricula that are compatible with the various learning styles. Finding curriculum materials to match your child's learning style or incorporating teaching strategies into your existing curriculum that lend to your child's learning style can make a difference in the educational process. This consultation comes with a 55-page resource guide written by Kay and full of information and educational strategies for each learning style, as well as curriculum suggestions for each learning style. 

Learning Style Assessment with Consultation and Resource Guide - $65


Educational Consultation

At the conclusion of your child's testing session, we will go over the scores with you. This is included in the testing fee, however, we do offer an in-depth follow up consultation done a week or so after your child's test. We will take your child's test scores and analyze his / her educational strengths and weaknesses. From this analysis, we will recommend instructional objectives and strategies to use in the coming school year - where you need to strategically focus your teaching efforts. If you have a learning style assessment done on your child, we will also be able to make specific suggestions as to what teaching methods will benefit your child the most. Curriculum suggestions can also be given if desired. $40

Curriculum Consultations

This consultation is geared for those considering homeschooling or getting ready to start. We will give you an overview of different educational approaches, show you a variety of curricula, and explain the differences of each one. We will go over key things you need to consider when choosing curricula for your child.  We will also answer any questions you have, such as how to get started, NC homeschool law, helpful resources, and more. $40

Group Testing

We offer the Woodcock Johnson  in group settings. Call for more information.