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What Others Are Saying

…… I highly recommend Kay and Tommy Bindrim and Bindrim Testing and Educational Services.  They are professional and organized and go way beyond administering a test - they gave me the information I needed to teach my children in the way that would best reach them. - CMB

The Woodcock-Johnson is a soundly constructed, nationally recognized, professionally respected test that is frequently used in the intellectual assessment process. It is highly reliable and valid, and efforts are continually being made to update and keep the test as current as possible. The Bindrim's utilization of the WJIII in their testing practice is a wise, informed selection and will serve their clients well.
C. Edward Watkins, Jr., Ph.D
Author of Testing and Assessment in Counseling Practice, LEA Assoc., 2000, NJ.
Professor of Psychology, University of North Texas

The changes you suggested made such a difference! There is peace in our home. We can't thank you enough. 

– Dad and Mom of three wonderful children

I am the mother of three, very bright children. For years, professionals, well-meaning friends and family commented that we needed to do more to challenge and stimulate them. Yet, no one seemed to have any suggestions. After testing my children, Kay had many great ideas with concrete examples. Her guidance and practical advice has greatly enriched our school days and put us on the right track to making the most of our children’s God-given abilities. – Wendy T.

My daughter was tested to determine her learning style.  The school year before had been very frustrating.  Curriculum was recommend based on the results of the learning style test.  This year has been so much better!  We do not deal with the frustration that we did last year.  The testing was easy and very affordable.  Thank you so much for helping us have a successful school year!     -Michelle M.

Thank you for teaching me how to help my struggling reader. I have learned so much. – G.N.

I chose the WJ III because it wasn't timed, there were not any bubbles to fill in and because my daughter wouldn't be required to sit completely still while going through many questions. I was so pleased with the test, the atmosphere, and friendliness of the test administrator. – Robin M.

I am thoroughly pleased with the WJIII administered by Bindrim Testing & Educational Services.  We received a detailed print out for each student at the end of the test.  Kay thoroughly went over all the educational jargon that is beyond my scope of understanding.  A few days later, at our consultation, we received a binder containing our boys test results, learning styles and resources, ideas and links for each of our sons.  This was invaluable information and I have referenced it often. – Christi B.