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In order to have your child tested, simply make an appointment,  

                         we will take care of the rest. 

We administer the Woodcock Johnson® Tests of Achievement. The WJ is nationally standardized, accepted by the NC Department of Non-Public Education, and satisfies the NC annual testing law for homeschoolers.  

Test, Scores & Consultation ~

all completed at one appointment

Your child will be tested one-on-one with a trained administrator.  Immediately following your child's test,  a 7-page score report will be generated. We will go over this report with you, pointing out strengths and skills that may need extra attention. You will leave with your score report in hand.

Schedule (for Standard Testing Session - Most Popular Choice)

10 minutes - get to know you, paperwork, discuss areas of concern (if any)

1.5 hours - testing (If your student has or had an IEP or 504, 2 hours)

10 minutes - to generate your child's score report 

15 minutes - consultation to explain the score report to you, pointing out strengths and weaknesses

If you want to discuss curriculum, teaching methods, or get educational recommendations, please request an extended consultation and we will add extra time to your testing session. Extended consultations are $20 and last up to 20 minutes or $30 and last up to 30 minutes.  The consultation after the test is to explain the test scores only and what they show. 


Siblings can be tested together for a portion of the test, then taken one at a time to complete the test, or your children can be separated and tested individually.  Testing siblings together for a portion of the test will cut the testing time by 30 minutes. We extend a sibling discount to families having more than one child tested with the Standard test on the same day. 

Cost ~ 4 options

Option 1 ~
Standard Woodcock Johnson Test + Score Report + Consultation ~
All In One Session

Most Popular Choice / $10 Discount Per Sibling

Reading - Word Reading, Sentence Reading, Reading Comprehension
Mathematics - Calculation, Math Facts, Mathematical Application 
Written Language - Spelling, Writing Fluency, Writing Samples that assess English Grammar
Consultation - Immediately following your child's testing session, we will explain the score report and compare it to last year's scores if applicable.  You may add an extended consultation to this option. See above information under the "Schedule" heading.                                                                                                       
Academic Knowledge* - Social Studies, Science, Humanities (optional) 
* The Academic Knowledge test is not part of the Standard Battery since NC does not require  testing in these areas. If  you want to add these scores to your test, please let us know  when  you schedule your appointment. Add $15 for this 3-part test.

Option 2 ~ 
Standard WJ Test +
Score Report 

No Consultation Included

Subject areas test are the same as above. The only difference is there will be no time allotted for a consultation to discuss the scores or progress from the previous year. This may be a good option for parents who are comfortable interpreting the score report. 

Option 3 ~ 
Basic WJ Test + Score Report + Consultation

This report is not as in-depth, but does cover all subject areas required by NC's testing law.

Areas tested: Word Reading, Reading Comprehension, Math Calculation, Spelling, Writing Samples that assess English Grammar. We will explain the scores to you immediately following the testing session. If you are looking for diagnostic markers, in-depth educational information, or gaps that may need to be remediated, we recommend the Standard test with the consultation. 

Option 4 ~ 
Basic WJ Test + Score Report

No Consultation Included

Subject areas tested are the same as the Basic WJ Test above. There is no consultation included. This may be a good option for those homeschooling for some time and are comfortable assessing academics, yet need to fulfill the yearly testing requirement. 

The entire achievement battery is comprised of 21 tests. Other tests are often used to further assess  your child’s educational needs. We can customize a test just for your child. See the Our Services page for more information about our other services.

The Woodcock Johnson is accepted by MENSA and the Duke Tip Program.

A Word About Gifted and Special Needs Children

The Woodcock Johnson is a good testing choice for any student, but especially those who have test anxiety. Our trained test administrators know how to pick up on anxious tendencies and are able to compensate for them. Because the test is oral and interactive, we can pace the test based on the needs of the child. 

For gifted children, the WJ is helpful because the test allows them to work up to the highest grade level they can. Grade equivalencies  go as high as  graduate school levels of college. You will receive a grade equivalency score based on your child's abilities, as well as scores that compare him/her to grade level peers. This test is used to qualify gifted students for the Duke Tip Program and MENSA.   

The WJ is  good for a child with special needs or for a child who has a 504 or IEP plan because sessions are short, with the entire test lasting 1.5 - 2 hours, and it is more interactive than a "bubble in the circle" test, which helps engage attention. Except for the short fluency tests, the test is not timed and progresses at the pace of the child.  Since this test is individual, it is easy to make accommodations for students who need them - just bring the evaluation that show test scores, recommendations, or accommodations. (If you don't have a report such as this, we can help you develop one).  This would warrant extra time and accommodations during testing. We test quite a few children with learning disabilities, autism, processing disorders, cerebral palsy, and even non-verbal children.

We consider it an honor to work with each and every child and to be a part of your educational journey. 

Tommy, Kay, Katherine, Val, Whitney (and a few more in progress)