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We offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss the needs of your child and share how we would customize a tutoring plan.

Your child's first session will be a time of testing and assessment with Kay to determine skill deficits and educational needs.  The results of the assessments will be used to create your child's customized tutoring plan. Skill assessments will be selected according parental concern and school performance. Areas that may be assessed during this first appointment include:

Phonemic Awareness 
Auditory skills that aid in learning to read; considered to be the greatest predictor of reading success
Matching sounds to print
 Reading fluency
Fluency is the bridge to comprehension. Without fluency, a child will have difficulty comprehending what is read. 
How well does your child understand what he/she reads?
 Math Computation
Order of Operations, fractions, decimals, etc.  Mastery of concepts appropriate for the age of your child will be assessed.
 Word Problems
Struggles in word problems can stem from reading comprehension issues, undeveloped higher-order thinking skills, skill gaps in math, or a combination of these.  We will assess what skills are needed for improvement in this area.
  Math Fluency
Automaticity of math facts
Correct formation of letters, pencil grip, fluency, structure, spacing; this is often a starting point for students with dysgraphia.
Grade level equivilency;  sight words;  knowledge of the 74 phonograms of the English language
 parts of speech (the "jobs" of words); punctuation
 Structure & Style 
 of Writing
Appropriate writing skills for grade child's grade level ~  
Sentences, paragraphs, 5-paragraph papers, essays