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What is the Strong Interest Inventory?

The Strong Interest Inventory is used by 70 percent of all college and universities in the nation.  It is considered the gold standard in career testing. The report that is generated after the test is unprecedented ~ color-coded graphs and charts and many career suggestions to consider.  The college version of the test will include majors suited to your interests.  Profile reports are 9 pages long; whereas, the interpretive reports can be up to 23 pages. The test is taken online and results are emailed to you.

Follow these steps to take your test:

STEP 1:  Decide which version of the test you want to take. There are three versions: Standard, High School and College.  The standard version is for the person considering careers or a job change. The college version is for the college or college-bound student considering majors, classes, and careers suitable to individual interests.  The high school version is for the high school student in the beginning stages of career exploration.  View sample reports of each test here.

STEP 2:   Pay for your test

STEP 3:  You will receive a link after payment is made through Paypal. If you don't, email or text us and we will email a link to your test. 

STEP 4:  Take your test.  We strive to have your results to you within 24 hours. Call if you have any questions.