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Tommy and Kay Bindrim both have degrees that involve training in standardized test administration and analysis. Tommy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Western Carolina University where he was trained in assessment practices. He has worked extensively with adolescents in clinical settings evaluating educational and behavioral needs. Tommy also holds a nursing degree and uses his background in this area to teach a variety of science classes and labs in classrooms and educational co-ops. In addition to owning and overseeing the operations of Testing and Educational Services, Tommy is an RN and nursing  instructor at ECC.

Kay has been a reading teacher since 1988, teaching in both public and private school settings.   She holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Education, as well as a Reading Specialist Certificate. She has nineteen years experience as a public school and homeschool educator. Prior to homeschooling, Kay worked in the public school system as a Reading Specialist, teaching a variety of ages from K-9th grades. She has also had the privilege of tutoring adults. Due to some orthopedic issues, the classroom is no longer an option for Kay, so she helps Tommy and staff by lending her expertise to create and evaluate educational plans for students. Kay assists with diagnostic assessments, end-of-grade testing for homeschoolers, and enjoys meeting with parents who are seeking understanding about the educational needs and abilities of their children. On a limited basis, she tutors in the area of reading, particularly students with reading delays or dyslexia. 

Katherine Starling is a homeschool mom of three children. She serves as a Foundations and Essentials tutor for Classical Conversations. As part of a ministry of her church, she teaches ESL to middle eastern students. For the past three years, she has fostered a love for reading as the leader of a local children's book club. In addition to being a test administrator, Katherine serves as the appointment coordinator for Testing and Educational Services. She can be reached at (636) 364-8378 or (636) EOG-TEST when you are ready to book a test. Katherine has a degree in History and Biblical Studies with a minor in Philosophy. 

Susan Pressley has both a Bachelor of Arts and Master’s Degree in Special Education from UNC-Chapel Hill. She has 25 years of experience as an Exceptional Children’s Teacher in the Chatham County School System. Susan has an additional 10 years of experience as an Exceptional Children’s Program Facilitator/Compliance Specialist at the administrative level. In both roles, she became well versed in the areas of compliance; writing individual education plans (IEPs); consultation with parents, teachers, and administrators; test administration and interpretation; planning and Implementation of instruction appropriate to student skill levels; and implementation of specific programs that produce lasting results. Susan is also a very seasoned and experienced tutor in all academic areas with a focus on phonemic awareness, phonics, basic reading, reading comprehension, math calculation, math reasoning, and written expression. She has over 20 years of experience tutoring outside of the classroom setting. 
     Susan and her husband, Mark, moved to Nashville from Chapel Hill after her retirement in 2017. They moved here to be near their son who teaches at Nash Community College, their daughter-in-law that is an urgent care nurse at Nash Hospital, and their new granddaughter!

Shay Cook has her degree in Elementary Education and has 13 years of classroom teaching experience. Shay taught third grade in California, fourth grade in Wake County Public Schools, and third grade at a charter school in Raleigh. Throughout these years of teaching, Shay had many opportunities to tutor small groups and individual students, as well as work as a test administrator. Shay moved to Rocky Mount when she married her husband, Stephen.