About the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement

The Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement (WJIII) is a highly regarded standardized testing instrument that assesses student achievement in all subject areas and all grade levels, preschool through college. The Standard Battery is used to assess achievement. The Extended Battery offers specialized tests that will assess areas of specific concern. We can customize a testing session to help you determine your child's needs.

The WJ III is given in a one-on-one setting with a test administrator who has been trained in administering the test, interpreting the scores, and has an educational background involving standardized test administration. A testing session generally takes two hours and, upon completion, the child's scores are given and explained to the parent. Consultations are available if you would like recommendations about your child's educational needs.

For Homeschoolers: The Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement (WJIII) is one of the three tests most widely used to assess achievement among homeschoolers in North Carolina. It is standardized and accepted by the NC Department of Non-Public Instruction as a reputable achievement test to give to a homeschooled child. The Standard Battery satisfies the NC testing requirement for homeschooling students.

What are the benefits of testing with the Woodcock-Johnson III?

One - on - one testing environment - Your child will be tested one-on-one by a trained test administrator. Interaction with a trained test administrator can often yield greater insights into the child's ability.

Low stress testing situation - Only three of the ten tests are timed. Short breaks are allowed if needed. Test administrators give encouragement all along the way.

No tests to order - You make an appointment and come at that time. We provide all the rest.

No waiting for scores - At the completion of the testing session, you will be given a 7-page detailed report of your child's scores.

A clear understanding of your child's test results - The test administrator will walk you through the score report and what each score means so you will have a good understanding of your child's test results.

A thorough score report - your score report will include grade level equivalency, national percentile ranking, a relative mastery index, independent / instructional / frustration levels, and age equivalency scores in each subject area tested.

Accurate assessment - The WJIII yields a more accurate Grade Equivalency (GE) score than grade specific tests do. Grade specific tests, such as the CAT or IOWA, have a limited range of difficulty factored into the test. The WJIII does not. It assess up to a post-college level. Students are allowed to work up to the highest level they can in each test given. Therefore, the GE score will better reflect what the student can accomplish.

A thorough assessment in less time - Because the child is tested individually, a thorough assessment can be achieved in one testing session. When the child reaches his/her highest level of achievement in one subject, the administrator will move right on to the next test, thus progressing through the battery of tests. This is how a thorough assessment can be achieved in one 2 hour testing session verses a group test setting where time requirements are specified for each test given, thus taking 6 or more hours to complete.

Test at anytime during the school year - You don't have to wait until the end of the school year to test your child. Your child is evaluated based on the number of months they have completed of the current grade.

Diagnostic Reading Assessments - We also give Diagnostic Reading Assessments. Please see our "Services Offered" page for more information.

NC Testing Requirement for Homeschooled Students

North Carolina law requires that all homeschooled children be given a standardized achievement test each year. A student must be tested annually as long as he/she is enrolled in an open homeschool. The testing requirement does not end until they graduate or until the homeschool is closed. The ACT and SAT Subject tests meet the annual testing requirement for a high school student; however, the PSAT/NMSQT and the SAT Reasoning tests do not because they test aptitude or reasoning skills rather than achievement.

For more information, see the Home School Guidebook page at the NC Department of Non-Public Education

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