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February 29 & March 28, 2016

BASI  - $45 Group Rate / $55 individual computer-based test

Basic Achievement Skills Inventory

The Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI) is a nationally standardized test and meets requirements for homeschool testing law. This test is a “fill in the circle, multiple choice” test, much like the IOWA, CAT, Terra Nova, etc. The BASI is completed in one 115 minute testing session.This test is administered and proctored by our staff, so parents will not need to stay for testing, but are welcomed.

The BASI helps present a complete evaluation of academic skills. These convenient tests yield standard scores, national percentile rankings, grade equivalency, age equivalency, and performance classification by learning objective without requiring individual administration or lengthy testing. It can be taken via computer or with a test booklet and answer sheet. If you are interested in a group test in your area, call Kay at (252)451-0118.

The comprehensive test is comprised of six timed subtests:

  • Vocabulary (10 minutes)

  • Spelling (10 minutes)

  • Language Mechanics (10 minutes)

  • Reading Comprehension (30 minutes)

  • Math Computation (20 minutes)

  • Math Application (35 minutes)

Total test administration time is just under two hours. 

The test is organized into four grade-specific levels:

  • Level 1 for grades 3–4

  • Level 2 for grades 5–6

  • Level 3 for grades 7– 8

       Level 4 for grades 9 - 12

    Schedule for group testing:

       9 :00 - 9:15     Arrive and fill out paperwork

       9:15 - 10:15     Vocabulary, Spelling, Language Mechanics, Reading Comprehension

     10:15 - 10:30    Break

     10:30 - 11:25    Math Computation, Math Application

     11:25                Parents arrive to pick up students


    You have 3 options for receiving your scores: 

    1) email

    2) postal mail - bring a self-addressed stamped envelope with you to the testing session

    3) pick them up at our office within 3 days of testing session

Group Test Dates for the BASI:

We currently have two group test dates scheduled, February 29 & March 28 (see left margin).  If we have enough interest, we will add more dates. Cost is $45 for group testing. If you would like us to come to your area to do a group test, please contact Kay at (252) 451-0118.

To hold a spot, text or call Kay at (252) 451-0118 or Melissa at (252) 557-9426. 

To register, send in page 3 of this registration form.  Registration form and payment will secure your reservation. If  your payment has not been received by the registration deadline, we will open your reservation to others. If deadline is past, you may call to see if we have open spots.